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I have been a esquimalt resident for basically my whole life, though I'm only 20 years of age, i don't like the fact that the government is trying to put this treatment centre in. Kids play all around there, people walk there dogs, go for walks. Do we all want to smell our own waist everyday... NO we dont, yes I understand things like this must be done, but not in a very public area. The treatment plant in langford, causes the b.c transit building to smell like waist whenever the doors are opened. We just need to do the right thing and relocate.

Address to CRD Core Area Liquid Waste Management Committee

By Stuart Hertzog
June 23, 2010

Good morning committee members, and thank you for the opportunity to address you today.

The amended plan before you today makes two essential changes. First, I applaud the recommendation not to build the Saanich East site, and I ask that you support this change and the continued preservation of Haro Woods as a vital and irreplaceable community resource.

Councillor Derman calls for fundamental re-evaluation

Report to the Core Area Liquid Waste Committee
Submitted by committee member Councillor Vic Derman
June 9, 2010

Province and UVic Partners in the Preserving Haro Woods

In a Provincial document titled The Commonwealth Nature Legacy, A Heritage of Green Space enacted in 1994, it states:

Address to CRD Liquid Waste Management Committee

“I come before you today to tell you that from my perspective as an active citizen and a CRD resident, in devising your liquid waste plan you have completely failed to fulfil your primary democratic duty of protecting the public interest. And your public involvement process is a mess. It is deceptive and disempowering. It is a complete sham.”

Address to CRD Liquid Waste Management Committee

“I have come here today to tell you that the Business Case before you is incomplete, misleading, and deficient. You should not vote on this today. You should defer it. It is as full of holes as a Swiss cheese. It is hugely expensive, smells worse than a Limburger, and offers no social, financial, or environmental benefits to the taxpayer.”

Address to CRD Liquid Waste Management Committee

‘There is no doubt my mind and the minds of many others, that this entire project has been mandated by the BC government’s desire to privatise municipal sewage services. But the public response you have been receiving points to considerable concern about this. There is strong public support that the CRD’s sewage system should be publicly owned and operated.”

Address to CRD Liquid Waste Management Committee

“The reports before you suggest that the greenhouse gas emissions from burning biogas and biosolids for energy count as carbon credits, making the overall project ‘net carbon negative.’ This is a complete deception. This extremely expensive, greenhouse-gas-producing proposal if proceeded with in its present form, would accelerate global warming, not reduce it.”

Address to CRD Liquid Waste Management Committee

“We are concerned that infighting between municipalities has fundamentally altered the CRD’s Liquid Waste Management Plan. This political shell game could cost the taxpayer dearly. And we have grave concerns about treating CRD’s biosolids at a site next to downtown Victoria.”

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