CRD waste plan unfair to Oak Bay

John Herbert
Times Colonist
July 07, 2010

The Capital Regional District liquid waste management plan is unfair to Oak Bay.

The east coast interceptor sewage pipe was built by the CRD and approved by the province and serves Oak Bay and some parts of Saanich. The line was under-designed so it would not handle all of the flow in periods of heavy rain and this resulted in overflows. A few years after it was completed, the province changed the rules and said that no overflows were allowed. The six or eight overflows that occur each year in Oak Bay were then declared to be the municipality’s problem.

At a recent sewage treatment meeting, the CRD engineering staff explained the problems with the east coast inceptor clearly. They explained that the overflows in Saanich resulting from the under-design of the interceptor were the reason that large storage tanks were needed at Haro Woods as part of the project funded by the CRD, the province and the federal government.

Why does this logic on joint funding not apply to the overflows in Oak Bay?

John Herbert Oak Bay councillor