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Letters to the Editor
Monday Magazine
9 September 2010

Re: “Deep doo doo,” September 2-8

And what intelligence does Mayor Fortin display to justify the billion-dollar sewage boondoggle? He claims that a decision was required because time moves forward; he makes the brilliant observation that the 21st century has arrived; puts forth the medieval notion that there is something wrong with nourishing the marine food chain; insults the majority of Victorians with the suggestion that their knowledge that a new sewage system is not needed is backward thinking; and even insults a mayoral colleague’s intelligent, cogent argument against the sewage plan. Fortin does not even offer a shred of evidence that Victoria has any need to replace its current system of natural sewage treatment—a system which has such a low impact on the environment that it is the envy of North American wastewater engineers who become aware of it.

A multitude of polls have shown that Victoria residents oppose the new sewage plan by a fairly consistent margin of two to one. Perhaps it’s time to introduce rules such that elected officials’ pay can be reduced in accordance with their poor representation of the electorate’s wishes. That would help to recoup some of the $20 million that has been spent so far to try to justify the unjustified sewage plan.

B. Burchill, via


Esquimalt Council can challenge the choice of McLoughlin Point as sewage plant site by passing a resolution demanding that B.C. environment minister Barry Penner reconsider his decision to allow the project to go ahead without the benefit of a full environmental impact assessment under the B.C. Environmental Assessment Act. Currently, the project falls under the B.C. Municipal Sewage Regulations—a very inadequate process, given the expected environmental, social and economic impacts on our community.

However, a resolution of Esquimalt Council demanding that the CRD sewage project be “opted-in” to the more rigorous environmental assessment act would certainly show Esquimalt residents and McLoughlin Point neighbours that Esquimalt Council is leaving no stone unturned in this issue.

John Newcomb, Saanich