Two Letters to the Editor

Times Colonist (online only)
5 April 2010

Persuade the premier to axe sewage treatment

I am a father of three and grandfather of six. We must not make them pay
for an ill-designed secondary sewage treatment plan for Victoria.

For 30 years I led a research team on polar oceanography, working
primarily in the high Arctic, providing advice to the Canadian government.
For the first time in my life I am going beyond advice to try and save my
descendents from a terribly expensive and unnecessary scheme based on an
inadequate or biased understanding of sewage problems in Victoria. Look to
the website to get the technical opinion of internationally
respected scientists, engineers and health officials.

Filtered human waste by itself does not present a serious problem when
pumped into the strong tidal currents and open strait offshore of
Victoria. Other, far more toxic, components must be controlled at source
by a random sampling of the sewage at the many inspection points currently
available. To trace back these components to their point of insertion
should be easy and the perpetrator fined.

The Capital Regional District may call for a referendum on sewage
treatment, but in itself, this will not allow cancellation of the
instruction given to the CRD by the provincial government. We must try to
get the premier to change his mind, and the only way to do this is by
force of numbers. We need thousands of individual voters to send an e-mail
to gordon.campbell.mla or fax (250) 387-0087 with your
comments. Don't think you can leave it to someone else; don't use a form
letter; don't put it off to tomorrow. Please put some time and energy into
helping our children today. Very soon it really will be too late.

E. L. Lewis


Sewage plans seem like a bad joke

Re: "Key part of sewage project approved," April 1.

Hilarious! A sewage-treatment plant as our version of the Sydney Opera
House. The destruction of the Haro Woods. A billion-dollar price tag with
no benefits. This April Fools Day joke is the funniest thing since the
fast ferries.

David Roberts