Two Letters on Esquimalt

Times-Colonist, June 26, 2010

Sewage committee has lost its way

All trust has been broken with the core area liquid waste management committee with its approval of a completely new sewage configuration this week. Their decision is to use McLoughlin Point as the sole site for sewage treatment for Greater Victoria.

The committee seems to have one thing in mind: Secure government funding at any cost.

However, we will pay more later for poor decision-making now.

The provincial government asked for a distributed system and for maximized resource recovery.

The committee’s plan is a centralized treatment centre, shoehorned into a space that is too small (because that is the only land they have found), with no possibility for true resource recovery.

Esquimalt put forth McLoughlin Point as a suggestion for a smaller site that would be part of a distributed system. Esquimalt is the only municipality that has stepped up to take responsibility. For this act, they have been chosen as the dumping ground for Greater Victoria. Esquimalt has not been consulted, nor listened to.

How can a governing body that has been given the privilege and responsibility to represent an entire region act so unilaterally with regard to the largest public works program ever undertaken in the region?

Rosemary Murray

Point sewage plant bad for tourism

I read about the Capital Regional District’s plan for building the sewage treatment plant at McLoughlin Point.

As an Esquimalt resident, I too am not pleased with the way the CRD is handling this whole issue. There has been nothing in the way of consultation with residents. Consultation meetings are slated for next month. If the CRD wanted consultation with Esquimalt residents, why did they not do so long before now? It seems they have already made up their minds and are are willing to push it through no matter what anyone else thinks.

Where is the tourism industry on all this and why have they have remained completely silent on this whole issue? The building of a sewage treatment plant directly across from a cruise ship terminal in not conducive to attracting more visitors to our city. While a treatment plant is needed, it should not be placed in such a prominent location such as McLoughlin Point.

Shirley Waldon