Upper Harbour site might be cheaper

Severin Beauvais
Times Colonist
October 01, 2010

I wouldn’t mind hosting the sewage treatment plant at McLoughlin Point — except that it’s a misuse of a magnificent waterfront location, won’t be as efficient as we deserve and requires connecting pipes to the Hartland landfill — with resulting higher project costs.

Now I read about an idea to locate the sewage treatment plan on the West Shore, but with project costs possibly $100 million higher due to extra connecting pipes.

Why not review the purchase of the former Budget Steel land on the Upper Harbour? Surely the asking price, considered too high by the Capital Regional District, is now dwarfed by the extra costs required for the other options?

It’s centrally located in an industrial area, large enough to be a complete treatment plant (both liquid and solid waste) and has the potential to showcase innovation.

Severin Beauvais