West Shore takes control of sewage

By Amy Dove
Goldstream News Gazette
January 01, 2010

With the region grappling with how best to treat sewage, Colwood and Langford were successful in breaking away from the pack this year.

Unsatisfied with the Capital Regional District’s direction on sewage treatment, as mandated by the province, the cities formed a West Shore wastewater treatment subcommittee this month. That affords them more control over where and in what form sewage treatment will take on the West Shore.

“For the West Shore to have control we are able to say it can be over in this corner and it has to be a certain way,” said Colwood Mayor Dave Saunders in December.

Colwood and Langford stated a preference for a treatment facility at West Shore Parks and Recreation but that would need consent from all five member municipalities.

There is potential for resource recovery to supplement heating and cooling costs for the pool and ice rink, Saunders said in October.

“We honestly feel this is the best representational site in terms of resource recovery,” he said.

To meet provincial deadlines, Colwood endorsed using city hall land for treatment, with a preference still being for WSPR if everyone can agree on the project. The City is sending out a request for expressions of interest in early in 2010 to see what technologies are available. Public consultation will follow once that information is received.

“Langford and Colwood are 100 per cent behind whatever we can do jointly for the residents of the West Shore,” said Langford Mayor Stew Young in November.

The region has until 2016 to treat sewage. Municipalities are looking for federal and provincial funding to help offset the cost of the $967.5-million project.

Colwood also hosted a sewage treatment pilot project through Ledcor this summer. The City gave $40,000 from federal gas tax money to the project, for which a final report is pending.